Lisa’s Remedies Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories


Wish Hands. Insert one capsule deeply. into the vagina at bedtime for 1-3 nights for relief from vaginal yeast infections. In the morning, rinse area with plain water.

Discontinue use if irritation develops. If irritation occurs, treat with Aloe Vera Gel.

Safe for use in pregnant or lactating women.


This is what your great grandmothers did for vaginal yeast infections. They didn’t have access to the creams we have but they did have something simple that worked VERY well. They had boric acid, it changes the Ph of the vagina, making it less hospitable to those nasty yeasty overgrowths. Usually inserting one before bedtime takes care of the problem. If needed, you can use them 3 nights in a row and works better and with far less mess than those expensive creams.

Packed 20 capsules to a package, and will stay fully useful for years.


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