Hawaiian Haze


NC-greenhouse-grown! Let me tell you, you will not be disappointed with this bud. Everyone knows that Hawaiian Haze has been one of OregonCBD’s most popular strains these last few years, for obvious reason. However, we still consider ourselves to be quite fortunate to be able to offer you this fine specimen of a greenhouse-grown flower that has been given all the love!

CBD – 0.17%
CBDA – 15.66%
THC – 0.15%
THCA – 0.64%

Non-detectable THC – Click here for COA

Light and sweet yet earthy and dank with tropical floral undertones, this is another great Oregon CBD strain. And don’t worry, this Haze still offers plenty of clarity and balance.

From Oregon CBD:


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“The parallel goals of this project were to (1) create the highest CBD oil content plant possible and (2) design a CBD line capable of thriving in equatorial photoperiod / climatic conditions—we did this with the mom,then designed an outcrossing program to make tropical hybrids possible in Oregon.  Initially, we crossed the publicly available ACDC plant with an heirloom Neville’s Haze male we selected in 2006.  After two generations of breeding, the chemotype was stabilized and progeny field trials were conducted on the 9 outstanding phenotypes (i.e. sisters).  Of those, the hybrids derived from our “CC” mother plant stood out as the clear winner.  Visitors to our field trials gravitated towards her progeny in particular and reminisced about the truly special flavors that used to emanate from imported Hawaiian flowers (beta-carypholene and humulene are key secondary and tertiary terpenes).  Hawaiian Haze® brings farmers a unique opportunity to grow equatorially-inspired, long season flavors at any latitude and to do so with large yielding, modern hybrid flower structure.  This was our most popular trimmed flower from field trials in 2017.”

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